Burris AR-332 Prism Sight Review 2019: The (REAL) Truth

by Richard Douglas

Is the Burris AR-332 worth it? I wanted to find out.

So I bought the scope and hand-tested it on the field. Here’s my honest, unbiased AR-332 review.

Read on.

Why should you trust me?

Because I’ve actually tried it.

For a while, I wanted to see if the Burris AR-332 would become my next scope for AR-10.

I looked everywhere to see if I could find an answer — Youtube videos, gun forums, ‘honest’ AR-332 reviews and even asked my local hunting buddies. Nobody knew.

So, I did what I originally was avoiding to do: I bought the AR-332.

Then, I put it through a rigorous field test, looking at the scope’s eye relief, eye box, reticle performance, zeroing, accuracy, ruggedness, turrents and every advanced scope feature.

No stone was unturned.

What you see below is my personal review of the AR-332. I hope it helps!

My Burris AR-332 Review

Burris AR-332 3x 32mm Prism Sight Ballistic

If this ain’t beauty, I don’t know what is.

Adjustment: ½ MOA | Weight: 14.2 oz.| Magnification: 3X | Eye Relief: 3.2”


  • Fast Zeroing
  • Ballistic CQ (“Glowing Donut”) reticle
  • Mil-Spec Tough (Weatherproof)
  • Fast Reticle Switch
  • Picatinny Rails


  • Limited Eye Relief
  • Glaring Night-Time Illumination

Some have called the AR-332 a “Poor Man’s ACOG.” I prefer to call it the “Smart Man’s ACOG.”

You know why? Because it has all the features of a $1,400 ACOG at a FRACTION of the price.

For example, you can shoot the AR-332 prism sight with both eyes open — a feature usually exclusive to expensive high-end ACOGs.

That’s why the AR-332 is my favorite scope. The scope’s just too good starting with its…

Fast Zeroing

This scope has the fastest zeroing I’ve ever seen.

All it takes is only 10 or 15 rounds and your scope is zeroed in. I couldn’t believe it!

It also continuously holds zero, regardless of any hard drops along the way thanks to Burris’s mil-spec design tough enough to take on anything the field throws at you: water, fog or shock.

With it’s O-ring sealed, nitrogen purged, aluminum hard coat anodized armor — the AR-332 is built to last a lifetime.

The glass is crystal clear and Hi Lume multi-coated for maximum light transmission and minimal glare. It’s like looking through a 4K display without paying the price of one.

But that’s not what sells this scope. The secret lies within what many call the…

“The Glowing Donut” Reticle

burris ar-332 ballistic cq reticle.jpg

Don’t let the looks fool you. This is by far the most sophisticated reticle to date.

The reticle is what REALLY sells this scope.

You get a great scope and etched reticle PLUS an illumination runtime of a few months.

Even if the illumination dies on you during a hunt, you can use the black etched reticle WITHOUT a battery during daylight hours. No more batteries ruining your hunt.

The reticle also comes in with a ‘built-in’ bullet drop compensator (BDC) for accurate long-range shots. Soon, hitting 580-600 yard targets become second-hand nature.

But the greatest thing about this reticle is you can now use each dot to represent a specific range. 

For example:

burris ar-332 reticle

Custom assigning each dot to a specific yardage is built in.

It’s like you have a built-in variable scope with none of the fuss.

It’s no wonder law enforcement, military and competitive shooters around the country rely upon it. It makes you invincible.

However, there’s one uncontrolled factor that can destroy any good hunt…

Unexpected Weather Changes

This is every hunter’s worst nightmare and its happened to us all at least once.

Lighting conditions suddenly change on the trail. Whether it’s a passing cloud or a sudden change in weather, your reticle becomes useless.

So, you painstakingly try to manually adjust the brightness of your reticle (while swearing underneath your breath) as you watch your target slowly scurry away. Great.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone fixed this issue, so you can instantly adjust your reticle’s brightness? Burris Optics did.

They engineered this genius rotary 10-position power selector to help you quickly change reticle colors and illumination instantly.

Now you can instantly adapt to any lighting condition without a second wasted. And that’s not the only problem the AR-332 brilliantly solves.

Burris also came up with a way to never lose your…

Elevation and Windage Caps

You don’t know how many times we hunters lost our turrent caps.

It’s becoming an epidemic. But Burris just discovered the vaccine to our problem by tethering the turrent caps to a steel cable.

Burris AR 332 Prism Sight turrent caps

Tethered Turrent Caps. Forget losing your caps again!

The result? No more headaches and lost caps.

There’s a reason why this scope has become my favorite: it’s specially designed for the AR-15.

I love it. Its ruggedness, insane accuracy (both short and long-range), and stunning reticle rivals even the best ACOGs.

However, the AR-332 does have a few very minor nitpicks.

Firstly, the eye relief is great but it does require you to mount the scope at the rearmost position. It’s not really a problem — more of a preference for people that prefer even longer eye relief.

And finally, the glaring reticle at night problem.

If you’re a weird night hunter (like myself), the illumination is a bit too glaring — even at the lowest setting. Yet it’s easily solvable by using an older CR2032 battery.

However, those are honestly the only two tidbits I can think of. Which leads us to the final question…

Is The AR-332 For You?

If you’re a CQB hunter that’s looking for a budget-friendly AR-15 scope, you won’t find a better scope.

Trust me, I’ve looked.

This scope is hands down the best CQB scope I’ve ever come across. It’s rugged, has crystal clear glass, easy zeroing, holds zero and comes with the best reticle I’ve ever seen. The value’s insane.

In fact, they even threw on Picatinny rails (a $100 value) on the scope for free, so you can put on extra accessories like red dots, lasers, flashlights and more.

Here’s the best part: if the scope ever breaks on you, you’re 100% covered by Burris Forever Warranty.

And if, for any reason, you don’t like the scope, you can always return it thanks to Amazon’s 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Do what I do if I like something: just give it a try! You really never know if the scope’s for you until you give it a try (I’ve tested over 100+ scopes, I’d know).

Here’s what you get when you buy:

The AR-332 Value Package (Buy Here!)

Burris 300208 AR-332 3x32 Prism Sight Package

The AR-332 packaging. I’m drooling already!

Package Contents
  • AR-332 Scope
  • Dust Covers
  • 1 ½” Shade Cover
  • Picatinny Rails (Valued at $50-100)

And, there’s a special offer running on Amazon right now where you get an AR-332 with a Fastfire III Reflex Dot Sight — perfect for close range shots — completely FREE!

This is perfect because over 90% of targets are engaged at 55 yards or less in urban settings. In short, majority of targets are engaged at very close ranges. Alternatively, if you want a great short-range red dot sight, check out my TRS-25 review.

And it’s easy to slip on top of your AR-332 thanks to the Picatinny Rails. Now, it doesn’t matter if the target is 50 or 600 yards away, you’ll be ready for anything!

What are your thoughts on the Burris AR-332? Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

Also, if you’re looking to scope your 300 blackout build, read my 300 blackout guide.


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I bought mine about 6 months ago and ! absolutely love it!