The Best Ruger 10/22 Scopes & Red Dot Sights in 2024

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Not sure what scope or optic to get for your Ruger 10/22?

I’ve bought and hand-tested almost all of them.

I’ll cover magnified scopes, optics, mounts plus recommended accessories. By the end of this best 10/22 optic guide, you’ll find a scope that fits your needs.

Let’s get started!

Why should you trust me?

Because scope’s my game.

I’ve hand-tested hundreds of scopes, reviewed scopes for big companies like Burris Optics and constantly update myself with the latest rifle scopes.

So, when it came to finding out the best scope for ruger 10/22, I put on my ‘mining hat’ and read everything there is to it:

Boring manufacturer technical jargon, gun forums, YouTube videos, Amazon reviews and much more.

But I didn’t stop there.

I bought every scope and ran them through my comprehensive scope test: testing glass quality, build quality, eye relief, accuracy, and all the essential scope features to find the very best ruger scope.

Then, I removed all the scopes that didn’t pass my test. What you see down below are the best ruger 10/22 scopes and red dot sights that survived my testing.

I hope it helps you find the best ruger 10/22 scope for you as it did for me!

Ruger 10/22 Scope vs. Red Dot

If you want to mount an optic on your Ruger 10/22, you got two options:

  1. Magnified Scope
  2. Red Dot

Which one should you choose?

Keep reading and all will be revealed…

Red Dot Sight

A red dot sight is a very simple optic with 1x magnification.

The reticle is basically just a red, or green, dot in the center of the glass.

It’s bright and easy to spot, which makes getting on target incredibly fast.

Plus, you can use a red dot with both eyes open. This also helps with quick target acquisition, while also allowing full use of your peripheral vision. 

Red dots are light and can be used alongside iron sights as well. Co-witnessing allows you to aim from any angle, which also supports target acquisition.

Basically, a red dot is perfect for close quarters combat and short range distances. 

Cons of a Red Dot Sight

The main issue with a red dot sight is that it only has 1x magnification, which means it is meant for short range shooting. 

If you want to use a red dot for mid to long range, you’ll need to add a magnifier. This can get pretty expensive.

Another problem with red dots is that they don’t work well for people with astigmatism. If you have astigmatism, the red dot will be blurred and distorted. Possibly to the point that it’s of no use to you anymore. Even if it’s just a little blurry, it’ll affect your accuracy.

Magnified Scope

A low power variable optic, or LPVO, is a scope that allows you to zoom in on your target.

They come in different magnifications that can be fixed or variable, depending on what you prefer. 

The reticles on these scopes are more advanced and allow you to make incredibly accurate, long distance shots. 

They also let you shoot both short range and long range distances, so you get the best of both worlds. 

Want to know more about the best long range scopes? Check out my guide on that.

Cons of a Magnified Scope

LPVOs are not as fast at short range. It’ll take longer to get on target than a red dot.

This could be a huge issue if you’re looking for an optic to use for home defense or close quarters combat situations. 

Another problem is that these scopes are a lot heavier than a red dot. When you’re trying to move quickly or lugging around a lot of gear, this extra weight might be an unwelcome addition.

Also, LPVOs can have issues with parallax, unlike the red dot, which is parallax free. But, they usually have fixed parallax or a side parallax adjustment knob.

Which is Better for a Ruger 10/22

It depends on your use.

If you’re hunting, going for precision shots or need more versatility, then I highly recommend an LPVO (which I’ll cover below).

But, if you’re planning to use your 10/22 for target shooting less than 50 yards or home defense, then a red dot is the way to go.

Speaking of which, red dots are also an excellent option for pistols. To learn about some of the best pistol red dot sights, check out my guide.

Still unsure? Watch this video for a more in-depth breakdown:

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the best 10/22 optics.

Best Ruger 10/22 Scope

If you’re pressed on time, here’s a quick list of the best scopes for Ruger 10/22:

  1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18×44: Best Scope for Ruger 10/22
  2. UTG 3-9×32 BugBuster: Best Bang-for-the-Buck Scope
  3. Bushnell Optics 2-7×32: Best for Close-to-Medium Range
  4. Redfield Revolution 2-7×33: Best Made-in-USA 10/22 Optic
  5. Vortex Strikefire II: Best Red Dot for Ruger 10/22
  6. Sig Sauer Romeo5: Best Red Dot Sight Under $200
  7. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25: Best Budget Red Dot for Ruger 10/22
  8. Burris Fastfire III: Best Compact Optic

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18×44: Best Scope for Ruger 10/22

This is hands down the best scope for Ruger 10/22!

Vortex is an excellent company that offers a wide range of optics, including the best scopes for 308 and the best AR-10 scopes

The Crossfire II is built to last. Nitrogen purged, O-ring sealed and aircraft grade aluminum, the Crossfire II delivers a complete water, fog and shockproof scope.

The scope also comes with a Dead-Hold BDC reticle, so you never have to estimate holdover again. This is excellent if you are a hunter or simply shoot at varying ranges.

Vortex Optics Crossfire Dead Hold BDC

The scope’s also MAD accurate. I was able to fire at 300 yards with very tight groupings. It’s not a surprise. With crystal clear lens, long eye relief, an ultra-forgiving eyebox and a fast focus eyepiece, this scope is engineered for the long kill.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18x44

I personally couldn’t ask for a better scope. The only drawback is the weight (23.6-oz.) which for a 50mm objective lens, that’s understandable.

Is the Vortex Crossfire II for you?

Beginners, hunters, competitive shooters, target shooters and anyone who shoots a gun — all will find this scope indispensable.

In fact, it’s one of the best 22LR scopes on the market today.

The Vortex Crossfire II is extremely durable, highly accurate and has scope features that only premium $1000 scopes would ever have. The glass is fully multi-coated, crisp, holds zero well, crafted from aircraft aluminum and features a Dead-Hold BDC reticle.

In short: If you’re looking for a solid overall ruger 10/22 scope, then the Crossfire II is for you. Plus, it comes with Vortex’s lifetime warranty 🙂

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18x44 AO SFP Riflescope Dead-Hold BDC MOA
  • The 6-18x44 Adjustable Objective Crossfire II riflescope is one of many configurations in the Crossfire II line. The Dead-Hold BDC reticle is good for hunting at varying ranges where estimating...
  • The adjustable objective provides image focus and parallax removal to the user while anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and...
  • With long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box, you'll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. Capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with MOA clicks that can be reset...

That’s why I recommended it in my best rifle scopes guide.

2. UTG 3-9X32 BugBuster: Best Bang-for-the-Buck Scope

If you are looking for the best scope for ruger 10/22 under $100, this is it.

The UTG BugBuster has crystal clear glass, AO to eliminate parallax, variable power (3-9X) and lockable/resettable turrets for easy zeroing. I couldn’t believe it, so I took it to the range.

I zeroed at 50 yards, adjusted the turrets and fired. Nailed it. Moved it up to 100 yards and yet again, I was stacking holes. The view was crisp, didn’t experience any blurs on the side, and the dual red and green illumination helped a lot with versatile applications.

UTG 3-9x32 BugBuster Illuminated Reticle

The BugBuster also survived my drop tests. O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged tubes offered a complete water, fog and shockproof scope for maximum reliability. Even after the drop test and firing over 100 rounds, the scope held zero.

UTG 3-9x32 BugBuster

The only downside I could possibly think of is the shorter eye relief. Honestly, I wouldn’t even call it an issue because once I adjusted the optic on the rail and lined it up with my eye, I was golden. The more I fired, the more I got used to it.

Is the UTG BugBuster for you?

The UTG BugBuster is one of the best budget scope for ruger 10/22. It’s cheap, durable, accurate and performs like a $200 scope.

In fact, I recommended UTG in my best AR-15 optics guide.

It comes fully loaded: flip-open caps, 2” sunshade, batteries, a pair of heavy duty rings plus Lifetime Warranty. What more could you possibly ask for?

UTG 3-9x32 BugBuster Accessories

The reviews are mostly positive.

For the insanely low price point and great features, you can’t go wrong with the UTG BugBuster.

Buy it and if for any reason you don’t like it, Amazon has you backed up with its 30-day refund policy.

UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings , Black
  • Built on True Strength Platform, Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled, Shockproof, Fogproof and Rainproof
  • 1 Inch Tube with Emerald Coated Lens for Crystal Clear View with Maximum Light Transmission
  • Innovative EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System with Red/Green in Dual-Color Mode and 36 Colors in Multi-Color Mode

3. Bushnell 2-7×32 Drop Zone-22: Best Scope for Close-to-Mid Range

This scope is built to destroy.

With a stunning eye relief (3.7-in), fully multi-coated lens for bright and clear views and a side focus parallax adjustment, this scope is designed to dominate close-to-mid range.

And the scope’s accuracy is beautiful. I’ve shot at a variety ranges from 50 yards to 500 yards and thanks to the Drop Zone BDC reticle and parallax adjustment, I’ve been able to nail all my shots with tight groupings. That’s not all.

Bushnell Optics 2-7x32 Adjustable Side Parallax

The Bushnell AR optic is built like a tank. It’s constructed from high-durability aluminum alloy, anodized finish, O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged for complete water, fog and shockproof protection. Bushnell didn’t skimp.

Bushnell Optics 2-7x32 Scope Ruger 10-22

The only drawback I could think of is the weight (1.23-lb.) which for a 32mm objective lens and solid material, it just confirms the high-quality of the scope.

Is the Bushnell Drop Zone-22 for you?

Are you looking for the best ruger 10/22 mid-to-long range scope?

If so, the Bushnell AR 2-7×32 is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s cheap, durable and accurate.

The scope combines a fully multi-coated lens for incredible clarity, rugged reliability, optical precision and uncompromising performance. It’s built to kill.

Plus, if anything happens to the scope, you are covered by Bushnell’s Lifetime Limited Warranty — further assurance that your investment is well protected.

Looking for the best 6.5 Creedmoor scope for long-range hunting? Check out my guide on that.

4. Redfield Revolution 2-7×33: Best Made-in-USA 10/22 Optic

The Redfield Revolution 2-7x33mm Riflescope is a fantastic, affordable, and–dare I say–great-looking scope. 

It’s not perfect, but it comes pretty close. 

I wanted to find a 10/22 scope that would serve me well, regardless of whether I was heading out for squirrel or deer. I also wanted to find a ruger scope for under $200. I needed something budget-friendly that doesn’t compromise on clarity, eye relief, durability, or how well it holds zero.

Fortunately for me, I got my wish. Here’s what I love about the Redfield Revolution 2-7×33 Riflescope. 

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The reticle clarity is excellent. 


The multi coated lens enhances light transmission and helps you pick up on all those difficult-to-see colors and shapes. This is super helpful when hunting at dawn and dusk. 


With that clarity, I was able to focus on my shots rather than trying to decipher a hazy lens. 

Speaking of which, the Accu-Range Reticle intuitively draws your eye to the center of the crosshair. I didn’t waste time trying to find the center of the crosshairs, which translated to more confident, accurate, efficient shooting.

As a type of Duplex reticle, the Accu-Range Reticle is ideal for both hunting and target practice up to 200 yards. 

I personally liked it best as a hunting reticle because I prefer Mil-Dot reticles for long-distance target practice, but maybe that’s just the military kid in me. 


Regardless, this prime combination of glass clarity and Accu-Range Reticle helped me come home victorious rather than just plain tired. 

Eye Relief & Eye Box

The eye relief is a generous 3.7 to 4.2 inches, depending on the style of mounting.  This provides generous, safe eye relief, making it an excellent option for rifles with a kick.


Nobody wants to have to baby their scope. I certainly don’t. That’s why I appreciated the durability of the Redfield Revolution 2-7×33 riflescope. 

Redfield Revolution Scope 0-59 screenshot

The multi-coated 33mm objective lens is designed to withstand powerful recoil and resist fog or shock. The entire scope is fully waterproof and shockproof. 


Durability is also about value for money. The less durable it is, the more likely it is that it will break before you get your money out of it. 


This scope isn’t just affordable: it’s also built to last. I didn’t have to baby it and neither will you. 

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The elevation and windage turrets are reliable and well-made.

REDFIELD REVOLUTION 2-7X33 turrets (3)

It’s ¼ MOA per click and has a total of 65 MOA of windage and elevation adjustments.


While I’m fine with using MRAD, I grew up using the Imperial ‘Murca measurement system. The fact that the turrets are in MOA made this scope feel that much homier. 


I also loved this scope’s perfect zeroing. It’s smooth, intuitive, and zeros at 200 yards. 

Parallax & Magnification

This scope boasts adjustable 2-7x magnification. 


Sometimes, adjustable magnification can come at the cost of overall clarity. Not so with this scope. 


Instead, this range of magnification makes it a versatile scope for everything from target practice at up to 200 yards, small game hunting, and stalking large game. 

I wouldn’t recommend it for ultra long-distance shots in open landscapes. But if you’re hunting in forests or on hillsides, it’s great. 

No parallax, no tunneling. Just clear clarity. 

Mounting & Rings

While no mounts or rings are included, I personally recommend the Warne Medium QD rings. 

WARNE 201LM Maxima Quick Detach Scope Rings, Sintered Steel, Vertical...
  • UNPARALLED HOLDING POWER - Warne High Scope Rings is one of the strongest scope rings available, providing incredible holding power that ensures the utmost stability for your optics.
  • ROBUST SIMPLICITY - With a vertically split design, these Warne 1 inch rings offer a combination of strength and simplicity, making installation a breeze while maintaining a durable construction.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - Crafted with American-made quality and precision, the Maxima QD Rings are built to last. The rings are assembled using four Torx styles T-15 socket cap screws, providing...

They help the scope sit as low as possible while still having the bolt clear. The included instructions for mounting are easy to follow. 

Is the Redfield Revolution 2-7×33 Worth It?

The Redfield Revolution 2-7×33 Riflescope scope is PERFECT if you want to keep your purchase under $200 but still get an awesome, all-around scope. 

Here’s why. It’s got: 

  • Clear clarity
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Accu-Range reticle 
  • Incredible durability 
  • Adjustable magnification

It’s perfect for everything but ultra long-distance shots in open environments.

Consider it your durable, adventure-ready companion that’s equally ready for hunt and range.

Redfield Revolution 2-7x33mm Riflescope withAccu-Range Reticle, Matte...
  • Versatile 2x-7x magnification range has you covered in almost all situations
  • Excellent light transmission due to outstanding lens quality, especially for "colder" colors that dominate the critical time near dusk and dawn
  • Fully waterproof and shockproof for reliable use out in the field

Best Ruger 10/22 Red Dot Sights

Scopes are for long range. Red dots are for close range.

If you use your Ruger 10/22 for close-range applications (home defense, plinking, varmint hunting), then you need a red dot.

It’s cheaper, lighter and acquires targets faster.

Here are the best red dot sights for the Ruger 10/22 on the market now…

5. Vortex Strikefire II: Best Red Dot for Ruger 10/22

The Vortex Strikefire II is a fantastic red dot scope at an affordable price.

In fact, I think it’s the best Ruger 10/22 red dot you can buy.

But you don’t have to just take my word for it. Let’s take a look at why.

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The glass on this scope is super clear.


I can clearly see every detail through the lens with no blurriness. That’s because the Strikefire II is fully multi-coated.

This makes it really easy for me to not only see, but clearly identify my target.

This scope uses a 4 MOA red dot reticle. You can also switch over to green if you have vision issues that affect your ability to see red.

I don’t have that problem, but I do have astigmatism, which causes red dots to appear slightly misshapen to my eye. Even so, I was easily plinking targets out to 100 yards using this scope.

If you have the same problem, you might be more interested in the best holographic sights.

There are ten brightness settings to choose from. This means you can use the Strikefire II in any lighting conditions. The lowest two settings even work with night vision!

Eye Relief & Eye Box

One of the best things about red dot sights is that you have unlimited eye relief and don’t have to worry about staying in an unforgiving eye box.


If you can see the dot, you are good to go.

This scope is no exception. Hitting a target is as easy as leveling off and squeezing the trigger.

I recommend using this scope with both eyes open for maximum field of view, which is another thing you can’t do with a magnified scope.


This scope is highly durable.


It’s completely waterproof thanks to o-ring seals. Plus, Vortex nitrogen purged the scope, so it’s totally fogproof as well.

Also, Vortex manufactured the scope tube from an aluminum alloy, so it’s strong and lightweight.

These features mean that you can use this riflescope in any conditions and not have to worry about damaging it.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The Strikefire II uses ½ MOA click turrets for elevation and windage adjustments. The adjustments are responsive and precise.

The clicks are solid, but not technically hand adjustable. However, the turret caps have a bar on them that you can use to make the adjustments, so you can still make easy changes in the field without needing to worry about carrying a screwdriver or a coin.

Zeroing was quick and easy on my Ruger 10/22. I was hitting bullseyes within a few shots.

I’ve also run this scope on my AR-15 and had no issues at all with it holding zero.


The on/off button and brightness adjustment buttons are located right on the front of the scope.

This makes them very easy to use while looking through the scope, which is a must for finding the best brightness setting for your current conditions.

Plus. the scope automatically remembers your last brightness setting when you turn it off and on, so you don’t have to adjust back to where you were.

Parallax & Magnification

Another great thing about red dot scopes like this one is that they are completely parallax free.

And you don’t get any magnification from the Strikefire II, but it is designed to work alongside a magnifier.

In fact, after trying a few different options, I’d recommend the Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier with Flip Mount.

Vortex Optics VMX-3T 3X Red Dot Sight Magnifier with Built-In Flip...
  • The VMX-3T Magnifier and Flip Mount combo adds a 3x magnification to your rifle's red dot sight. Simple, fast, and effective, the push button design engages and disengages the flip mount allowing the...
  • The lens are fully multi-coated maximizing resolution, light gathering capability, and color fidelity. Eye Relief-2.2 inches. Field of View-38.2 feet/100 yards
  • The VMX-3T does not require any special sight-in. The dot centering screws can be used to help center your red dot image in the VMX-3T's field of view.

It fits perfectly behind the Strikefire II and gives you optional 4x magnification.

Mounting & Accessories

This scope includes an offset cantilever mount that will fit any picatinny rail.

The included mount makes installation quick and easy, and since it’s offset, you can combine it with a magnifier or backup iron sights. The mount is great too because it puts the red dot at a perfect height for co-witness sighting with my AR’s iron sights.

The Strikefire II also has built-in flip caps to protect your lenses.

This is a fantastic feature, since I almost always end up having to buy flip caps to add to my scopes. Having them built in saves me time and money.

And if that wasn’t enough, it even ships with a CR2 lithium battery to power the scope, so you’re ready to go right out of the box.

Is the Vortex Strikefire II worth it?

Overall, the Vortex Strikefire II is a fantastic red dot scope at a low price.

It’s got:

  • Easy to use controls
  • Fully multi-coated glass
  • Durable, lightweight frame
  • Highly visible red or green dot
  • 10 brightness settings for all light conditions
  • Includes offset cantilever mount, flip caps, and battery

And to top it off, the Strikefire II is covered by Vortex’s VIP Warranty, so you know it’s covered for life.

So if you’re looking for a reliable, inexpensive red dot for your Ruger 10/22 (or any rifle, for that matter), look no further than the Vortex Strikefire II. I promise you won’t regret it.

Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight - 4 MOA Red/Green Dot with...
  • The Strikefire II Red/Green Dot is a rugged, reliable red dot sight that is at home in a variety of shooting applications. It allows the shooter to operate between two dot colors and ten brightness...
  • Fully multi-coated lenses provide a clean and bright, unobscured point of view. Unlimited eye relief allows for rapid target acquisition.
  • The single-piece chasis is compact and lightweight but still delivers shockproof performance withstanding both recoil and impact. Nitrogen purging and o-ring seals ensure fogproof and waterproof...

6. Sig Sauer Romeo5: Best Red Dot Sight Under $200

The Sig Sauer Romeo5 is by far the best red dot sight on the market for less than $200.

In fact, I’m considering mounting one for each of my home defense guns because of their unparalleled performance and price.

Here’s what I like about it…

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The lenses on this sight are crystal clear with no tint. In terms of glass clarity, it’s on par with my Aimpoint H-1.


The sight uses Spectracoat, an ultra-wide broadband, anti-reflection lens coating that reduces surface reflections to extremely low levels.

This provides incredible light transmission that performs even better than sights that cost twice as much.

SIG SAUER ROMEO5 scope (5)

The red dot is crisp and bright, and can only be seen when looking through the optic. The size and brightness of the red dot are all adjustable.

If your red dot appears to be blown out or shaped funny, you might need to have your eyes checked for astigmatism.

On another note, if you’re having trouble turning on your red dot when you pull it out of the package: you’ll need to press the (+) button for 3-4 seconds to activate the red dot, a step that was left out of the manual.

Let’s get into the Night Vision and Illumination specs on this sight, because that’s what really blows me away.

The Sig Sauer Romeo5 has 10 illumination settings: eight for daylight, two for NV.

This means that the sight works in nearly every light condition. Even in midday light, the red dot is still brightly visible.

Some may find the red dot too big for ultra precision shooting, but it’s perfect for my fast acquisition needs.

It’s a solid beginner’s red dot sight.

Now, here’s where I really geek out:

The Romeo5 has Motion Activated Illumination (MOTAC), which means that the system shuts down automatically when not in use to save battery. When it senses vibration or movement, it reactivates.

This system is so sensitive that when I have my gun resting on the table, a slight stomp on the ground will turn it on. Aside from being a cool party trick, this comes with several advantages.

First, and most obviously, you don’t have to mess around with it and it’ll always be ready like some old school iron sights.

Secondly, this increases your battery life. Now, the exact longevity of your battery’s lifespan will range based on use, but you’ll get at least 40,000 hours. Nothing to scoff at there.

Finally, this sight is awake in a 10th of a second. This makes it unparalleled for fast target acquisition.

It’s ready for my shot before I am.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

The sight has unlimited eye relief.

I’ve used the red dot with both eyes open, but if I wanted to move my eye closer, there’s a slight cutout on the left side to limit how much the optic obstructs your view.

SIG SAUER ROMEO5 sight (2)

With this in mind, your mounting options are unlimited since you won’t be hemmed up by limited recoil options. Which brings me to my next point…


Along with a powerhorse battery, this scope is rock solid. It’s shockproof, waterproof, and after testing it in inclement weather, I can attest to it being weatherproof.

SIG SAUER ROMEO5 scope (2)

It’s IPX-7 rated which means that I can submerge under up to a meter of water and not worry about damages.

Freezing your hands off in -40 degree weather? It works.

SIG SAUER ROMEO5 scope (4)

Dripping sweat from every pore of your body in 140 degree heat? It works.


This sight is ready to put in the hours no matter what you throw at it or where you throw it.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The elevation and windage turrets are extremely easy to adjust.


You can actually use the screw-on covers to adjust the knobs by flipping them over. So you can make adjustments even if you forget a screwdriver.

I zeroed in after 4 rounds and this sight didn’t miss a beat. Even after hard usage, abusage, hundreds of rounds and frequent barrel dumps, it held zero.

Parallax & Magnification

There’s no magnification with this sight, but adding a magnifier is super easy.

The Sig Sauer Romeo5 has space to add a standard co-witness height magnifier, so any reputable option should fit.

I use mine with a Vortex VMX-3T Sight Magnifier. It’s a good, cost-effective combo.

Vortex Optics VMX-3T 3X Red Dot Sight Magnifier with Built-In Flip...
  • The VMX-3T Magnifier and Flip Mount combo adds a 3x magnification to your rifle's red dot sight. Simple, fast, and effective, the push button design engages and disengages the flip mount allowing the...
  • The lens are fully multi-coated maximizing resolution, light gathering capability, and color fidelity. Eye Relief-2.2 inches. Field of View-38.2 feet/100 yards
  • The VMX-3T does not require any special sight-in. The dot centering screws can be used to help center your red dot image in the VMX-3T's field of view.

The sight does have slight parallax, but if you maintain your cheek weld, you’ll be fine.

Mounting & Rings

This sight includes an integrated M1913 Picatinny Low Mount Riser which gives you a wide range of mounting options. It also comes with a 1.41 in co-witness riser and batteries.

When mounting, I always recommend a dab of Loctite on all of the bolts.

0.20 oz Loctite 209728 Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242
  • Protects threads
  • Medium strength
  • Locks threads

I would personally prefer a flip-up cover (like Butler Creek) to protect my lens, but the included bikini cover is quality made and fits well.

Butler Creek Flip Open Scope Cover Black 1 MO30010
228 Reviews
Butler Creek Flip Open Scope Cover Black 1 MO30010
  • Truly ambidextrous silent spring hinges won't spook game
  • Instant action lids pop open at the touch of a thumb
  • Performs from 40 to 120 Degrees F and weighs less than an ounce

Is the Sig Sauer Romeo5 worth it?

While the Sig Sauer Romeo5 might lack some of the bells and whistles of higher end options, it does what it needs to do extremely well.

The MOTAC feature makes it great for a home defense gun or when you need a quick response while hunting.

It’s easy to use, light-weight, and well built.

If you’re looking for an affordable sight that outperforms its cost, these are the sights for you. Here’s why:

In other words:

This sight covers all the bases for a high quality sight at a quarter of the cost.

All the money I save can go to more important things, like more ammo.

So if you’re looking for the best red dot sight for under $200, I wouldn’t think twice about going with the Sig Sauer Romeo5.

SIG SAUER ROMEO5 1X20mm Tactical Hunting Shooting Durable Waterproof...
  • ROMEO5 GUN SIGHT - The ROMEO5 1X20mm Red Dot Sight mounts on any platform, and even though it's small, it's tough; The solid, lightweight aluminum design gives peak performance & years of service, so...
  • 2 MOA RED-DOT - For those avid shooters who admire classic red dot reticles on their gun sights, the ROMEO5 has 2-MOA Red-Dot, which is also adjustable; It provides 10 illumination settings (8...
  • MOTAC TECH - The versatile ROMEO5 red dot sight features our Motion Activated Illumination technology; It is developed to increase battery life by shutting down the system when not in use and...

7. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25: Best Budget Red Dot for Ruger 10/22

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is the best red dot for a Ruger 10/22 when you’re on a budget.

In fact:

After I bought these as a gift for a friend, he got himself a second one just for his muzzleloader.

If you’re wondering why, read on…

Glass Clarity & Reticle

The glass clarity is really good for its price point.


It features a multi-coated lens, which is a major upgrade for a red dot at this price point. The red/orange tint on the lens is the Amber-Bright high contrast lens coating which is anti-reflective.

The mirror finish on the lens reduces glade and provides excellent light. I personally don’t like to settle for anything less than fully coated, so this was a pleasant surprise.


The red dot is really awesome for the money.

The objective lens is positioned off access and looks tilted. This allows the light from the LED to be reflected back into the sight and becomes the dot when you switch it on.

The red dot is small and crisp. It’s a good size for quick target acquisition but not too large where it’ll obscure your aim.

The 3 MOA dot reticle has 11 brightness settings.


It shows up great at night even on the lowest setting, and it works well in bright daylight using the higher settings.

The red dot is super sharp at levels 1 to about 6, but it can sometimes be a little fuzzy at the higher brightness levels.

However, I haven’t ever needed to use the highest setting while shooting because it’s just that bright in general.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

The scope has unlimited eye relief.


It’s not magnified, so you’ll still need your glasses, but it has unlimited eye relief for easy two eye use.

It doesn’t matter if your eye is 2 inches or 2 feet from the scope, it will all look the same.


Now when I say that this scope is weatherproof, what I really mean is that this is James Bond shoot-underwater before raiding the enemy base quality weatherproofing.


This scope is completely waterproof. The optics are O ring sealed, so everything inside the optic stays dry even when you completely submerge it.

It’s completely fogproof as well. Nitrogen inside the scope keeps the interior optical surfaces from fogging up in humidity or during rapid temperature changes.


Despite the cheap price, the weatherproofing features on this scope are top notch.

Bushnell claims the battery lasts for 3,000 hours. As someone who actually uses their red dot, I’m not about to trust that claim.

That being said, I’ve only had to replace the battery once in almost a year of moderate use.

I never want to be caught with a dead battery.

The red dot uses a CR2032 battery, which you might not have just lying around. I try to always keep a spare one in the grip.

Energizer CR2032 Batteries, 3V Lithium Coin Cell 2032 Watch...
124,422 Reviews
Energizer CR2032 Batteries, 3V Lithium Coin Cell 2032 Watch...
  • 6 pack of Energizer 2032 Batteries, 3V Lithium Coin Batteries
  • 3V lithium coin batteries perform in extreme temperatures from -22 F to 140 F
  • Long lasting toy, health monitor and remote batteries - works with AirTag and similar devices

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 comes with two capped turrets: elevation and windage.


The clicks are 1 MOA each. It’s coarser than most scopes, but considering that this has a 3 MOA dot, I don’t think it’s an issue.

The windage and elevation adjustments are tight enough that you can use a dime to adjust, but you won’t have to worry about your recoil jostling them loose.


It was a piece of cake to zero with my Ruger 10/22.

At just 50 yards and a few rounds, I was zeroed in. It’s held true zero just fine over a few hundred rounds.

The illumination adjustment was pretty stiff, but after some use it did loosen up a bit.

You definitely won’t have to worry about accidentally changing any settings. Those adjustment knobs are staying right where you put them.

Parallax & Magnification

There’s no magnification with this sight, but adding a magnifier is super easy.

I use mine with a UTG 3x Magnifier. It’s a good, cost-effective combo.

UTG 3X Magnifier with Flip-to-side QD Mount, W/E Adjustable , Black
  • Broadband Multi-coated Lens to Provide Crystal Clear 3X Image, Wide Field of View - 30% Bigger Than Comparable Models from Other Brands.Compatible Rail-Picatinny/Weaver.
  • Windage/Elevation Adjustability for Optimum View Centering. Refer user manual for list of compatible manuals
  • 42mm Center Height for Most Common Dot Sight Combination, Innovative Flip-to-Side Mechanism for Quick Transition between 1X and 3X Image.Objective Diameter:25mm;Field of View @ 100 yards:45'

Unlike most other red dots in its price range, the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 has no parallax error in either vertical or horizontal axes.

Another reason why it’s been a great addition to my AR pistol.

Mounting & Rings

This sight mounts easily on any picatinny rails, so I didn’t have to get any extra gadgetry to fit it snugly on my Ruger 10/22.

This versatile design makes it compatible with nearly all pistols, shotguns, rifles, and muzzleloaders. In addition to being one of the best 10/22 scopes, it’s also one of the best shotgun scopes.

While I didn’t have to invest in a mount, I did invest in a new lens cover.

The scope came out of the box with a rubber, bikini style lens cover. It did the job, but it’s admittedly cheap.

Instead, I supplemented it with a Butler Creek size 4 OBJ and I haven’t looked back.

Butler Creek 04 Objective Flip Open Scope Cover
130 Reviews
Butler Creek 04 Objective Flip Open Scope Cover
  • Truly ambidextrous silent spring hinges won't spook game
  • Instant action lids pop open at the touch of a thumb
  • Performs from- 40 to 120 Degrees F and weighs less than an ounce

Is the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 worth it?

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 has been my go-to for fast target acquisition while hunting in the woods.

It’s a great, affordable red dot for deep woods hunters, shooters, and home defense weapons.

This is a great red dot for the money, with good optics and clarity.

Although it’s not as crisp as some more expensive red dot options, it’s a great sight that holds zero well and can be used on a number of weapons.

Here’s what makes this red dot stand out:

  • Holds zero
  • Anti-reflective lens
  • 11 brightness settings
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Unparalleled weatherproofing durability

In short, the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is the best red dot on the market that won’t break the bank, or break at all. I wouldn’t hesitate to get one.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black
  • Matte black featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings; Mounts easily on most picatinny rails and is compatible with pistols, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders.Adjustment Range : 70+...
  • Waterproof construction: O ring sealed optics stay dry inside, even when totally immersed in water. Parallax - 50
  • Shockproof construction: Built to withstand bumps, bangs, drops and the rough and tumble environment of the field

8. Burris Fastfire III: Best Compact Optic

The Burris Fastfire III is the best compact optic.

In fact:

After mounting it on my handgun, my shots were 2x more accurate, maybe more. It felt like cheating.

Here’s why it works…

Glass Clarity & Reticle

This optic’s glass is clear and easy to see through for accurate target acquisition.

The high-grade optical class makes it bright and clear, while the Hi-Lume multi coating helps in low-light situations and eliminates glare.

Overall, the glass on the Burris Fastfire III is nice and easy to see through. While I will say that it isn’t quite as good as a Leupold or Trijicon, it’s actually the most durable of the three.

This is a red dot optic that comes in either 3 MOA or 8 MOA.

The smaller sized 3 MOA is ideal for pinpoint accuracy. I preferred it on my rifles.

The 8 MOA dot is bigger, which isn’t ideal for high accuracy shooting since the dot can obscure the target, but it’s fantastic for short range shooting and fast acquisition.

I’d choose the 8 MOA for my home defense weaponry every day.

There are 3 manual brightness settings: low, medium, or high, and an automatic setting that changes the intensity of the dot based on the environment’s lighting.

You have to cycle through all of the brightness settings to turn off the unit. I would have preferred a separate on/off toggle, but that’s a small critique.

Settings range from a really dim dot to a bright red dot, and I never had any issues seeing it in direct sunlight or dim settings.

The red dot is a sharp, round dot at all settings, if your vision is properly corrected.

Seeing a pile of red scrambled eggs instead of a dot is most often due to the shooter’s vision and could potentially be astigmatism.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

The Burris Fastfire III is designed for unlimited eye relief, so you can shoot with both eyes open.

Since you won’t be hemmed up by an eye relief that limits your mounting options, this optic is a great option for nearly all weapon styles.


This is a solid unit.

I failed to Loctite the mount and paid for it when mid-way through my third magazine — the Fastfire III popped off the rail and dropped five feet onto a concrete pad.

0.20 oz Loctite 209728 Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242
  • Protects threads
  • Medium strength
  • Locks threads

No protective cover, and the optic didn’t even have a chip.

It is waterproof, but I don’t generally don’t recommend using a reflex dot in rainy conditions. Water droplets can get between the LED and the glass, messing up your accuracy.

That being said, the optic does have an angled roof design to keep water away from the sight. It’s a great consideration for light rain shooting.

I’m a huge fan of this optics lightweight design. It’s compact and only 1.5 oz, so I didn’t have to adjust my handling or balance after mounting.

The Fastfire III takes a normal CR1632 watch battery. Battery access on the top of the sight makes it easy to change batteries.

Energizer CR1632 Lithium Battery 3V (2 Batteries Per Pack)
  • Energizer CR1632 lithium battery 3V (2 batteries per pack)

I used the same battery all season and it’s still running. There is an auto off feature after 8 hours which helps to extend battery life as well.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

The Fastfire III comes with elevation and windage adjustments that are very easy to use.

The total capacity for the elevation adjustment is 115 MOA, while the windage adjustment total capacity is 86 MOA. Audible 1 click MOA.

The small set screws made it a little difficult to zero. But, once I had it zeroed in, and 1000 rounds later, it held.

I’ve tried this optic on both my Glock Model 40 10mm and my Ruger 10/22. It had no issues holding zero through it all.

Plus, the top-access battery cover means that you don’t have to re-zero when you need to change the battery.

Parallax & Magnification

The 1x magnification on this red dot really helped me to aim dead center with lethal accuracy.

Even among beloved aimpoints, parallax exists and the Fastfire III is no exception.

I had to aim and place the axis of the dot in line with a white vertical line printed on the back of the optic to overcome the parallax.

Although, having to aim a red dot at 60+ yards doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the red dot. Practicing good fundamentals is key.

Mounting & Rings

This optic comes with a picatinny mount. This comes in a separate box so you can actually mount the Fastfire III directly onto the Burris Fast Fire Mounting Plate for a Glock.

No products found.

The optic will work with nearly every optics ready gun, like the Mini 14, but the supplied screws might not be the correct length for every single handgun.

The included screws went slightly too far through the plate when I mounted it onto my Glock and pushed into the slide, lifting the mounting plate.

Instead, I got some Traxxas 2550 screws which were just the right length. I haven’t had an issue since.

Traxxas 2550 Countersunk Hex Screw, 3 x 8mm (6)
  • Set of six 3mm x 8mm machine screws
  • Countersunk head design
  • Hex drive heads

Included with the unit is a star-driver for the included screws and a decent micro screwdriver to adjust the windage and elevation so you don’t have to hunt down specific tools.

The sight also comes with a snap-on hood that encloses the optic. This is further protection for the sight and also blocks out mid-day sun so you can go shooting even when it’s exceptionally bright out.

Is the Burris Fastfire III worth it?

A crisp dot, clean picture, and adjustable brightness are some of the premium features that make this sight stand out.

The lightweight and durable design are why I recommend it for your favorite handgun, shotgun, hunting or tactical rifle.

Here’s what makes this optic stand out:

  • Burris Forever Warranty
  • Adaptable Picatinny mounting
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • 3 manual brightness and automatic levels

Burris is an excellent company, and their Forever Warranty covers all their optics, including some of the best scopes for 30-06.

In short, the Burris Fastfire III is the best compact blend of value, performance, and quality. If you’re considering a red dot sight for ruger 10/22, I’d say pull the trigger.

How to Mount a Scope on a Ruger 10/22?

Want to know how to mount an optic to your Ruger 10/22?

Read this guide. I cover everything from the materials you need to attaching the base. 

Let’s get started!


In order to properly mount a scope on to your Ruger 10/22, there are a few things you’ll need: 

  1. Scope Base
  2. Rifle Rings (Make sure they’re compatible with your base and scope diameter)
  3. Gun vise
  4. Rifle Levels
  5. Torque wrench 
  6. Threadlock
WEAVER Multi-Slot Base System - 430T for Ruger 10/22, Gloss Black
  • Multi Slot Base
  • Each Weaver Base is machined to tight tolerances for a custom fit
BURRIS Optics Weaver Style Zee Rings, Solid Steel, Top and Bottom...
  • Machined to exact tolerance
  • Top and bottom matched for strength and fit
  • Handles recoil of any rifle
Tipton Best Gun Vise with Secure Adjustable Cradle, Storage...
  • EASE OF USE: L-shape center support holds break-open guns securely and separate quick-release cam blocks move independently to accommodate any stock shape
  • VERSTILE: Easily configurable to handle bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, extendable magazine rifles and handguns and every component adjusts to accommodate different firearms and projects
  • DURABLE: Non-marring, solvent-resistant polymer stands up to years of hard use
Wheeler Engineering Level, Mounting Leveling Tool with Magnetic Base...
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.09 inches L x 2.09 inches W x 1.61 inches H
  • EASE OF USE: Place the Scope Turret Level on the top scope cap and the Action Level above the bolt; once the levels show a level scope, simply tighten the rings down
  • ACCURACY: Ensure crosshairs are aligned for in line shot placement and reliable doping adjustments
Wheeler Manual Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench with Inch/Pounds...
  • ACCURACY: +/- 2 inch/pounds up to 40 inch/pounds; 40 – 65 is +/- 5%. The FAT wrench measures 2 L x 2 W x 6.25 H inches and the storage case measures 7.5 L x 5.5 W x 1.75 H inches
  • EASE OF USE: Apply, repeatable, accurate torque settings to scope rings, guard screws, windage screws and base screws, which aids in accuracy and decreases the opportunity for problems in the field
  • RELIABLE: Torque adjustment range from 10 inch/pounds to 65 inch/pounds
0.20 oz Loctite 209728 Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242
  • Protects threads
  • Medium strength
  • Locks threads

Once you’ve gathered the materials, it’s time to work on the base.

Attaching the Base

Set your rifle in your rifle rest, then using a screwdriver, remove the screws from your receiver. I suggest putting your original receiver screws in a plastic baggy or taping them to paper if you think you’ll ever want to remove your scope and use iron sights. 

Because the Ruger 10/22 has an aluminium receiver, it’s really easy to strip the threads in the softer metal. I like to use a thread lock to keep my screws from loosening over time. 

This will also help the screws hold fast without having to really crank them down. 

You’ll want to use a toothpick to spread threadlock on the base screws–either the ones that came with your factory mount or your upgraded one.

After you’ve spread threadlock on the mounting screws, very carefully screw in your base. You don’t want to over tighten these. 

It’s really easy to strip the threads if you overdo it. What I like to do is tighten the screws until they just start to feel tight, then turn my screwdriver just a hair farther. 

If you over-tighten the mounting screws in the receiver you’ll strip the threads–which is something you can’t fix on your own. You’ll either need to buy a new gun or take the one you messed up to a professional gunsmith and have the holes re-tapped, so be extra careful. 

After I have all 4 screws in and my mount is on my receiver, I like to let my rifle sit for about six to eight hours to give my threadlock a chance to set up.

Once the threadlock has set up, then it’s time to attach the rings. 

Attaching the Rings

Different brands of rings can vary in how they attach to the accessory base. Some have a post that runs through the entire ring base, others have clamps that tighten on. 

Depending on what you have, loosen the screws on the base of the rings so that you can slide the ring bases on to your mount. 

Screw the bases of your rings on to your mounting base just enough to hold them. Don’t lock them down yet. 

Eye Relief and Scope Placement

After you have your rings on, it’s time to check your eye relief. Eye relief is the distance your eye needs to be from the ocular lens (the lens that has the dial and numbers) in order to get a clear sight picture. 

If you set up your scope so that its either too close or too far away from your eye, you’ll see black circles around your sight picture–kind of like you’re looking through a paper towel roll. 

Unscrew the top half from each ring and set your scope in. If you have a variable magnification scope, adjust it so that it’s on its highest power. As your scope adjusts through its powers, your eye relief distance will change. If you set up your scope on the highest power, then you’ll be able to set your scope for the closest you’ll need to be to get a proper sight picture. 

At this point in the set up, you’ll want to mimic how you plan to shoot as best you can. If you plan on using your Ruger 10/22 from the prone position, you’ll need to set your scope farther down the barrel than if you plan to shoot from standing or from a bench.

Because the scope rings are not locked down on your accessory rail, you should be able to adjust your rings up and down the rail as necessary to get the perfect sight picture. 

Once you have your rings right where you want them, remove your scope and lock down your rings. Make sure the fittings on the bottom of your rings match up with the holes cut in your rail, then tighten them down. 

Leveling the Rifle and Scope

Once I have my rings locked down on my base, it’s time to make sure the rifle is level before attaching the scope. 

After placing my rifle back on the rest, I attach a magnetic bubble level to the middle of the base on my rifle. 

Instead of trying to get the bubble in the middle of the two lines, I’ve found I get a more accurate scope to rifle level if I first level the rifle so that the bubble is touching one of the lines. 

After you have your rifle level, gently set your scope into the rings.  Look through it–without moving your rifle–to make sure that the cross hairs are lined up. 

Then, attach a level to the top of your scope and adjust it until the bubble on your scope is touching the same line you leveled your rifle base to. 

Next, put the scope rings back on. Threadlock your ring screws and place your scope ring screws in their holes. Set your torque wrench to the correct torque–most scope rings require no more than 20 in/lbs. 

Tighten each screw down a quarter turn at a time, moving from one screw to the next– like you would the lugnuts on your car wheel. You want to maintain an even pressure on the scope. 

Don’t crank one screw in all the way and then start another screw. If you completely crank down each screw one-by-one, your scope will turn as you tighten down the rings and your reticle will be off-center. 

Once all the screws are tightened to the correct torque, you’re all set! After you let the threadlock in your rings set up, it’s ready to boresight. 


That was pretty easy, huh?

With a few tools and a little bit of elbow grease, you can mount any scope to your trusty 10/22. 

Still a bit confused? Watch this video: 

And if you still have questions or concerns, then let me know in the comments down below 🙂

Now It’s Your Turn

These are the best ruger 10/22 optics of 2021.

Best 10/22 ScopeCategoryPrice
Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18×44Best Scope for Ruger 10/22$220
UTG 3-9×32 BugBusterBest Bang-for-the-Buck$110
Bushnell Optics 2-7×32Best for Close-to-Medium$200
Redfield Revolution 2-7×33Best Made-in-USA 10/22 Optic$210
Vortex Strikefire IIBest Red Dot for Ruger 10/22$479
Sig Sauer Romeo5Best Red Dot Sight Under $200$150
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25Best Budget Red Dot for Ruger 10/22$70
Burris Fastfire IIIBest Compact Optic$229

This guide was a result of over 30 hours of study, testing and work. What you see above is the very best scopes for ruger 10/22 takedown. If I find anymore — or if you found a better ruger scope — I’ll make sure to immediately update this card.

After all, this list is for me.

But, let’s be honest: you’re reading this because you’re still unsure. If you are, then do what I do — give it a try!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these optics. Whether you are on a budget or want the best red dot for 10/22, honestly, any of these scopes will serve you well.

Plus, if for any reason you don’t like the scope, Amazon has you backed up with their 30 days return policy.

So feel free to buy the scope that best fits your needs, take it to the range and test em’ out. If the scope doesn’t deliver, then return it.

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  1. I have the very same Redfield on my 10/22. It’s a great scope but I read that the Revolution was designed for centerfire rifles, and parallax comes to play at short distances. Plus, the accu-range reticle is designed to zero at 200, or 300 yards to use the reference points for bullet drop, depending on the calibre, all of which listed in Redfield’s brochure are centerfire cartridges. How were you able to successfully use the reticle for its intended purpose if a 10/22 can’t reliably fire out to 200’yards?

  2. Hello,
    It seems like many of these scopes are currently unavailable etc. etc.
    I am looking for a good scope for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown…..What would you recommend? One for close quarters and one for distance….

    Also what would you recommend for a CZ 75 SP 01 9mm handgun?

    Thank you,

  3. I bought a hawke 4×12 x50 vantage
    First time buyer. An aluminum picatinny rail and weaver quad lock med rings. As I said 1st time buyer. Is what I bought bad. Just want to plink and small game hunt.


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