Atibal X 1-10x Scope Review: Is It Worth It? [2020]

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The Atibal X boasts an impressive array of features with a low price tag on top.

But what do these features mean to you? And does this scope being cheaper mean it’s not worth it?

Once you finish reading this Atibal X 1-10x review, I’ll have answered both of these questions and more.

Let’s dive right in.

Here’s My Atibal X 1-10x Review

The Atibal X 1-10x is one of the most versatile scopes on the market.

In fact:

You can use it for anything from target shooting to CQB.

But you might be wondering…

Why is this scope so cheap compared to other similar optics, like the Leupold VX-R? And does that mean it’s lower quality?

The short answer: absolutely not.

The long answer: keep on reading and all will be revealed…

Glass Clarity and Reticle

A daylight-bright illuminated reticle with a FFP scope is a difficult combo to pull off. To avoid a blurry mess when too much light is pumped in, Atibal decided to make the reticle work for them.

As I cycled from 1x to 10x, the X turned into a Mil-dot. This moved the red diamond away from the center and spread out the light distribution. This gives the lower magnifications a pleasant simplicity while still providing an accurate interface for the higher ones.

This helped me focus solely on the target I was aiming at, regardless of magnification. No unnecessary visual distractions means more accurate shots.

When I set it to 1x, there was zero edge distortion and functioned exactly like a red-dot.

Looking through that, I could hardly believe that it could actually go to 10x. This wasn’t the only aspect of the Atibal X 1-10 that pleasantly surprised me.

Eye Relief and Eye Box

The eye relief is a comfortable 3.6”.

This creates no issues when using this scope at closer ranges, and still provides enough room even when doing long distance shooting.

The eye box itself is so generous that it’s easy to keep a solid sight picture no matter the position. With a range of almost two full inches, I never felt forced to compensate my own form for the sake of the scope.

I also didn’t notice any eye fatigue while testing the scope. The clear glass and lack of distortion helped tremendously.


The Atibal can take a beating.

I dropped it a few times and even submerged it into water. Despite the abuse, it continued to hold its zero well.


The Atibal is forged from aircraft grade aluminum, and is both nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed.

Elevation and Windage knobs

I like to think that I’m smart, but it certainly doesn’t take a genius to figure out the turrets.

The Atibal X clearly marked each one, and even added a secure locking mechanism. You have to pull it out to move it, so if you don’t want them to change, they won’t.

On top of getting rid of accidental adjustments, the turrets clearly click with each adjustment. Perfect for someone (like myself) who always seems to over adjust. After getting comfortable with it, I didn’t even have to look anymore.

The best part?

It only took me 8 rounds to zero in. And it held zero…even after firing over 100 rounds.

Parallax and Magnification

Because the Atibal X is a LPVO (low power variable optic), there is no parallax adjustment to be made.

As I mentioned before, the magnification is 1-10x. All but the furthest ranges were well within my sights when I used this.

The easy transition from X to Mil-dot as I zoomed in made it even more convenient. The integrated throw lever made it easy to make deliberate adjustments quickly in a high speed, high pressure scenario.

I was also impressed with how clear the image remained regardless of magnification. Even at 10x, there was no blurriness at the edges of my FOV.

Mounting and Rings

While the price tag on the Atibal X 1-10x is fantastic, I had to do some additional shopping for the mounting and rings.

For a solid mount with rings, I would have to recommend the Warne 35mm MSR. This keeps your overall purchase below $1,000, while giving a slight elevation to your scope.

Warne 7844M 1 PC Precision Mount 35mm MSR Ideal Height, Multi
  • Product Type: SPORTING_GOODS
  • Package quantity: 1
  • No batteries required

Is the Atibal X 1-10x scope for you?

If you’re looking for a LPVO optic that can be used for anything from 3-gun competition to high power shooting, then get the Atibal X 1-10x.

Here’s why:

  • Precise turrets
  • Long eye relief
  • Versatile magnification
  • Easy to use illuminated reticle

Long story short: I can’t recommend this scope enough.

It’s a budget friendly, light scope that can be mounted on just about anything. And the no questions asked lifetime warranty is perfect if you plan on running this scope through the gauntlet.

So if you’re looking for a scope that can keep up with your variety of gun use, then I wouldn’t hesitate to get the Atibal X.

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