Aimpoint Pro vs. T1 Review [2020]

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Which one is better: Aimpoint Pro or Aimpoint T1?

I wasn’t sure.

So I bought both red dot sights and hand-tested all the technical features: Glass quality, turrets, field of view, zeroing and so much more.

By the end of this Aimpoint Pro vs. T1 review, you’ll know which one is for you.

Let’s get started!

Aimpoint Pro

Aimpoint Pro

The Aimpoint Pro’s glass is clear as day.

It’s multicoated with an anti-reflective coating. And if you want to make it sharper, there is threading at the front so you can screw on another anti-reflective device.

Moving beyond the glass, the Aimpoint Pro (Patrol Rifle Optic) features a simple 2 MOA dot. It works well with night vision and magnifiers.

Speaking of night vision, it has 4 nighttime settings and 6 daytime settings. I’ve found the dot to be clear and crisp both day and night.

The best part?

The Pro can be absolute co-witnessed with the iron sights and it comes with an extra spacer. This means the dot will line up with your iron sights. As long as your irons are sighted, it makes zeroing the red dot a breeze.

Since it is only a 1X magnification, eye relief is unlimited. It’s parallax free too. You’ll be able to mount this anywhere on top of your rifle and still be able to see your dot.

So it’s crystal clear and easy to see, but how long will it last?

The Pro has an impressive battery life of 30,000 hours on the 1-7 brightness settings! That’s right, you can leave this optic on for 3+ years before having to change the battery.

The downside, however, is that it uses a DL1/3 battery. These can be ordered easily online but are harder to find at your local gun shops.

On top of having an incredible battery life, the Pro is made out of anodized aluminum and is completely waterproof and fogproof.

Whether it’s freezing, roasting, or raining, the Pro is up for the abuse. To cap it all off, it has flip-down lens covers to protect that quality glass.

Although it’s a dependable optic, it is a bit bulky for a red dot. Actually, it’s the size of a small BSA sweet 17 scope. It’s 5.4 inches long, 3.2 inches tall, and weighs in at 12.7 ounces with the spacer.

Since this optic is so big, it works best on full-sized rifles. After all, it’s in the name (Patrol Rifle Optic).

Attaching this optic is made easy by the auto-torquing turret. Simply place the optic on the Picatinny rail and turn the knob three clicks. No more worries about overtightening or loose red dots.

If you decide to pull the trigger on this optic, you have the confidence of Aimpoint’s 10-year warranty as well. And if you’re interested, I did another comparison review between the Aimpoint Comp and Aimpoint PRO.

For only $445, the Aimpoint Pro is a great value for your rifle.

Now let’s zero in on the…

Aimpoint T1


Just like Aimpoint Pro, the T1’s glass is crystal clear.

The illuminated reticle is a 2 MOA dot that has 4 night and 9 daytime settings to choose from. It’s also compatible with night vision and could be used with magnifiers.

The magnification is a simple 1X. This means that it has unlimited eye relief and is parallax free. You can tighten it anywhere on your Picatinny rail and clearly see that dot.

On top of that, it ⅓ co-witnesses with your iron sights. That means the optic sits slightly higher on the rifle. This causes the iron sights to be lower when looking through the optic.

Simply put:

You see less iron sight and more through the red dot.

This is powered by a CR2032 battery. It also has some new tech called ACET (Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology). What this means is that the T1 boasts a battery life of up to 50,000 hours.

In addition to great battery life, it is extremely durable.

It’s built out of anodized aluminum and is waterproof in up to 80 feet. It works in extreme temperatures and is fog proof too. It comes with rubber lens covers to protect the multicoated glass as well.

As the name suggests, the Aimpoint Micro T-1 is tiny. It’s incredibly lightweight — weighing a mere 3.7 oz. with the mount and is about the length of a shotgun shell. It sits 3” high from the gun and has a mount that’s designed to absorb recoil.

This optic works well on rifles and shotguns but is so small that you can mount it on pistols too.

The windage and elevation turrets on this optic are simple and easy to use. The caps have pegs on them that line up with holes on the turrets.

This is so you can use the caps to make adjustments. There are even directions on the inside of the caps for this. No tools required.

The biggest downside to this optic is the price tag attached to it. It will set you back $790. Although the price is steep, the Aimpoint Micro T1 will last you a lifetime.

Which leads us to the final question…

Which is better Aimpoint PRO or Aimpoint T1?

Both the Aimpoint Pro and T1 are quality dots with a lot in common. They both have clear glass, are durable, and have tons of brightness settings. Either one would make a great addition to your rifle.

Aimpoint Pro vs. T1 review

The three biggest differences between them is:

  1. Size
  2. Price
  3. Battery life

That said:

If you want to put a dot on something smaller, like a carbine or pistol, then go for the Aimpoint T1:

But if you are on a budget or don’t mind the larger size, then get an Aimpoint Pro. It will perform just as well as the T1 and still have a battery life of 3 years:

Whether you get a Pro or a T1, one thing is certain…

You’ll be getting a topnotch piece of hardware that’ll work for a lifetime.

And that wraps up this Aimpoint Pro vs. T1 review. Now I’d like to hear from you:

Have you ever used an Aimpoint Pro or T1? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment down below. Also, if you’re in the market for a long-range scope, check out my Sightron SII scope review.

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