About Us

by Richard Douglas
American soldiers fighting in the American Revolution.

In the American Revolution, America was against the largest superpower in the world: Britain.

The British were sophisticated.

They had better guns, better generals and much more resources at their supply. We were supposed to lose…but we didn’t. Sorry to disappoint.

You know why?

Because we fought smarter than the British. While they fought in straight lines, we fought guerrilla style. While they shot blindly, a few smart American snipers threw scopes (yes makeshift scopes) on their guns.

As a result, we easily won and it’s all thanks to…

Smart Rifle Shooting

Smart American patriot sniping from a tree.

That’s why you’re here. You’re a smart shooter that wants to take your game to the next level. Don’t be like everyone else using mediocre scopes and praying they hit something. Be smart.

Find yourself the very best scopes. And that’s what I’ve done here. I’m on a quest to find the absolute best scope for your gun.

It isn’t easy. It takes me countless painstaking hours of research, arduous testing, editing, and updating to cut through the BS with a straight-to-the-point scope guide. You won’t find these types of comprehensive scope guides anywhere else.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead. Try to find another. Read every guide, review, and scope review on the internet — you’ll end up right back here. I’ll be waiting.

Why? Because I care too much about shooting smart. Just like the American patriot, we’ll outsmart the enemy with our brains — by finding the very best scope for you.